Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Back to Basics: Exercise

“Just keep moving”… my motto, it doesn’t matter which excercise you do, just keep it moving!  If you are a beginning exerciser, just start out WALKING, a quarter mile, then build from there.  For weight bearing, try 1-2# dumbell lifts or stretch resistance bands, they really work!  Once your body gets used to exercise, you can mix it up, as long as you’re MOVING 30 minutes a day…..exercise doesn’t have to be hard to be helpful!  Other fun thing to try:  bicycling, ballroom dance, zumba class, swimming, yoga, martial arts, stretch and strength class, hiking, kayaking…….anything at all to keep you interested and keep your body in motion for a healthier you!


To Juice or Not To Juice, That Is the Question…….

….and here is the answer!  If your goal is to shed a few extra pounds this new year, blending, rather than juicing, is the way to go!  You don’t need fancy powders or shakes; just do it yourself!  To one cup of Greek yogurt, add any fresh fruits, a handful of spinach, one teaspoon of tumeric for anti-inflamation, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Stevia for sweetness is ok, as it won’t raise your gylcemic index as regular sugar.  Add a splash of almond milk and whir away!  I have a discount single-serve type of blender which works just as well as the expensive models, just blend, flip, and drink!  Make one once a day with just about any fresh/organic ingredients in place of one meal for weight loss! Don’t worry, it will fill you up, and you won’t be hungry  🙂

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