Eating Healthy To Healing Your Body Naturally From Chronic Conditions

Eating Healthy To Healing Your Body Naturally From Chronic Conditions

What can you do for yourself right NOW to help yourself nutritionally with healing chronic illnesses? Here are some suggestions to assist you with this process….1. Eat CLEAN, which overall means go organic if at all possible: No trans fats/junk food/processed meats/excess sugar. 2. Switch up your white pasta/bread/rice for WHOLE GRAINS; it makes a huge difference how your body processes it. 3. Follow the Mediterranean Diet, it has been medically proven to be the best overall plan for managing your pre-existing conditions and even reversing some chronic diagnoses! 4. Make GOOD CHOICES daily and eat the RIGHT kind of fats which include: nuts, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, grapeseed oil, and fish. 5. LIMIT or eliminate DAIRY products. 6. Drink filtered water and NO soda/sugary drinks with high fructose corn syrup/artificial sweeteners. 7. Increase daily intake of fresh fruits and veggies! If you follow these suggestions, you will be well on your way to optimum health and keeping away chronic diseases. Need help? Call Coach Dawn for your individualized health plan at 315-437-1262, or via e-mail for a coaching session. You deserve to live at your healthiest!

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