Stay ahead of Covid 19 and Flu viruses in 2022! READ HERE!

Stay ahead of Covid 19 and Flu viruses in 2022! READ HERE!

Hello fellow healthy-minded folks!  If you would like to stay ahead of the flu and corona viruses, there are practical and nutritional actions YOU can take to cleanse your environment, and boost your immune system!  For your environment:  bleach and bleach wipes, CDC recommending to stay OUT of large public areas, no unnecessary travel to “hot zone” areas where people are ill, use hand sanitizer (they make small clip-on bottles to carry on your person), proper hand washing, cleaning home space, personal devices, car, doorknobs, etc….the only effective masks to use are the hospital grade N95 (not the flimsy surgical masks, or, use TWO masks  or a KN 95), and if you’re ill, for goodness sake, stay home!  Here’s the good news:  nutritionally, YOU can BOOST your immune system to ward off colds, flu, and other viruses.  For example, to boost immunity I suggest:  a pro-biotic daily, lots and lots of foods with vitamin C, greek yogurt, all berries: including acai and gogi, lots of fresh greens, mushrooms (they have tons of Vitamin D and immunity!!), garlic, kombucha drinks, and kimchi foods (fermented foods like sauerkraut), EAT CLEAN/ORGANIC, and get enough rest every night…  A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE IS KEY TO YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!  There is so much that YOU can do to ward off illness and boost your immune system naturally, give it a try to help yourself during the corona virus and flu epidemic. YOU are responsible for your health!! Contact Coach Dawn, nationally certified health and wellness coach at (315) 437-1262 for additional information or a personal health coaching session.  YOU can do this and beat Covid/flu viruses!

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